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BitRent - plataforma de construção de imóveis. Investimento.Desenvolvimento.Construção.

BitRent é a primeira plataforma blockchain destinada para atrair investimentos de imóveis comerciais e residenciais numa fase inicial de construção, a fim de obter o máximo de lucro.

Dear BitRent community!

Vote for RNTB Token

Upon invitation from the Bit-Z team to list RNTB token on their exchange, the BitRent company sent additional application to pass listing procedure.

Under the terms of the trading platform, in order to join, tokens need to win 2’000’000 VTC votes with the help of platform voters.

Therefore, we invite you to vote for our project. The BitRent company offers unique conditions to every voter: the exchange will distribute 8’000’000 RNTB among all BitRent voters.

For every your VTC vote for (the approximate price of the vote is $0.10-0.11) you get a bonus - 4 RNTB tokens (the approximate price of the token is $0.06-0.07). Thus, your amount of bonuses is $0.24-0.28 for every given VTC vote.*
* - the count was made on the day of calculation and depends only upon market fluctuations, only if 100% votes are lined up. If more than 100% votes are lined up, RNTB tokens will be distributed in proportion to the total number of voters.

In order to take part in the voting, please follow these simple instructions:
- If you’re a registered user - sign in using your email and password.
- If don’t have an account:

  1. Register at Picture 1
    1. Enter your Email in the Email field;
    2. Enter your Password in the Password field to be able to access your account;
    3. In the Repeat the password field enter the Password you’ve already entered in the point 1.2;
    4. Check the box opposite to the text “I have read and agree to Terms of Use.”
    5. Press the button “Submit.”
    At this point, the registration process is almost done. A confirmation letter from Bit-Z has been sent to your Email address.
  2. Confirm your Email by clicking on the link.
  3. Go to and sign in using your Email and Password.
  4. Then it is essential to pass verification up to the third verification level. To do that, please go to the section 1 “Account” and in the menu select point 2 “Verification” and fill all required fields:
    I Verification level:
    Picture 2
    We’d like to draw your attention to “Trade password” - this password should be different from your account password on Bit-Z. It is used for confirmation of deals closed on the exchange. Make sure you don’t forget it!
    II Verification level:
    Picture 3 Now the verification process is successfully completed.
  5. To take part in voting procedure, one needs to buy VTC intended for voting only.
    All users are able to take part in voting using from 50 to 1 000 VTC. In order to buy VTC, place funds on your account (Funds section) using the cryptocurrency at option (ETH/BTC).
    Once the funds are placed, go to the section 1 “Exchange to buy VTC on the Bit-Z exchange:
    Picture 4 Select the trading mode paired up with DKKT currency (point 2).
    Kindly note that based upon Bit-Z voting terms, VTC can only be bought for DKKT token ( - DKK Token (DKKT) - Blockchain token issued at a 1:1 rate based on the market value of DKK (Dansk krone) currency.
    To close an exchange deal, you need to enter your Trade password, which was successfully created during the 1 Level verification of your account.
    Once the currency to purchase DKKT (ETH/BTC) is selected, feel free to buy tokens. Then exchange DKKT for VTC in the same trading mode.
  6. The moment you get VTC on your account, start voting.
    1. To do that, go to and then access section “Vote”: and click on section “In progress”.
    2. Scroll down the list of projects and select BitRent (RNTB)
      Picture 5
    3. Press the button “Detail”.
      Picture 6
    4. Please use your all available VTC (50 VTC - 1 000 VTC) for voting.
    5. Press the button “Vote”.
    Remember: You can use no more than 1 000 VTC for voting. To purchase more VTC, go to the Bit-Z market. The more VTC amount you use for voting, the more bonus RNTB tokens you get. RNTB tokens will be at your disposal at the close of voting on condition that RNTB token successfully passes listing procedure on Bit-Z.

Voting rules:

  • Voting starts:
  • Voting ends:
  • Maximum amount of votes:
  • Voting bracket:
  • Voting goal:
  • Bonus:
  • 14th May 2018 at 3pm
  • 21th May 2018 at 3pm
  • 1 000 VTC
  • 50 VTC – 1 000 VTC
  • 2 000 000 VTC
  • 8 000 000 RNTB

If the project wins essential 2 000 000 votes - Bit-Z launches RNTB token trading as soon as it is available.
If the voting goal is not reached - all VTC will be refunded to voters.

Hope for your support!

Your BitRent Team.