Token name: RNTB
The BitRent team is excited to announce that BitRent (RNTB) have been distributed today, January 14–15th, 2018. Our team is thrilled to deliver ahead of schedule!

No security issues were found. Only one change was suggested, and some small observations were made.

We're grateful for the tremendous support we received during the RNT token Presale. Look for additional announcements around that time.

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Accessing Your BitRent Network Tokens

Bitrent tokens conform to the ERC20 standard. This enables them to integrate with many existing wallets and exchanges. All ERC20 wallets have a similar process for adding ERC20 tokens. You must input some information about the token:

· Token Name: BitRent

· Token Symbol: RNTB

· Decimals: 18

Contract Address: 0x1FE70bE734e473e5721ea57C8B5B01e6Caa52686 Here are instructions for accessing BitRent tokens in several popular wallets with ERC20 support.


1. In a new tab, navigate to the "Send Ether & Tokens" page on MyEtherWallet

2. Unlock your wallet

3. Click "Add Custom Token" on the right side

4. Enter the "Address": 0x1FE70bE734e473e5721ea57C8B5B01e6Caa52686

5. Token Symbol: RNTB

6. Enter "Decimals": 18

7. Click "Save"


1. Log in to Ethereum Wallet/Mist

2. Open the "Contracts" tab and click "Watch Token". The "Add token window" will then pop up

Enter "0x1FE70bE734e473e5721ea57C8B5B01e6Caa52686

3. " into the "Token Contract Address" field

4. Add the following information:

· Token name: BitRent

· Token Symbol:RNTB

· Decimal places: 18


We expect that imToken will shortly add RNTB to its list of supported tokens. Then, your tokens should appear in your wallet automatically. In the meantime, you can export your wallet seed and add it to MyEtherWallet to view your tokens.

To export you wallet seed and add it to MyEtherWallet, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on "Mnemonic Phrase" and type in the 12 word seed you got when you created your imToken wallet

3. After you do this, you will be able to access your imToken wallet, together with you RNTB, via MyEtherWallet

4. Click "Add Custom Token" and fill in the following information:

Address: 0x1fe70be734e473e5721ea57c8b5b01e6caa52686

· Token Symbol: RNTB

· Decimals: 18


You will need to manually add RNTB to your Parity wallet. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Settings" tab and tick the "Contracts" box

2. Open your main wallet screen

3. Click on "Contracts," then click on "Watch contracts"

4. Once the pop-up appears, select "Token — A standard ERC20 token"

5. Add the following information:

· Contract name: BitRent

· Contract address: 0x1fe70be734e473e5721ea57c8b5b01e6caa52686

· Contract ABI: should be added automatically

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