We need your support to have the RNTB token listed on the exchange. Registration for voting open 26 of January when our project will pass from the status "In preparation" to the status "In progress".

Voting will take place here We have already applied for the addition of our token and in order for you to vote, one needs to follow our referral link and pass registration.

Once the registration process is passed, the user will receive 50 internal VTC tokens free of charge (one can vote from 1 to 50 tokens free of charge; if over 50, one must purchase tokens on the exchange). The maximum voting threshold for one account is 200 votes that can be used to vote for addition of the RNTB token to the exchange.

Friends, the time to act is here and now — vote for RNTB and together we'll get to the top!

P.S. For your convenience, we developed a voting instruction for the RNTB token. Please follow the link

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