February 13

TheBitcoinNews Explains How the BitRent Platform Uses Blockchain technology in the construction industry

Bitrent Implements Blockchain Technology in the Construction Industry


The author of the article speaks about BitRent's short-term plans and how they want to blockchain the construction:

The purpose of the BitRent platform is to achieve a dominant position in the construction industry in several years by dividing a building into small building elements and placing them in the blockchain system. Thus, the platform will open the doors to the field of investment for an increasing number of people, ready to change the outdated and unprofitable construction formula. We follow a well-established and reliable model: we divide building objects into shares, which are then introduced into the blockchain system.

Bitrent implementiert Blockchain-Technologie in der Bauindustrie


The German crypto-edition "Crypto-Nachrichten" presented the peculiarities of BitRent's strategy for blockchainization of all construction objects on the platform.

"Basically, the blockchainization of construction assets is a process of transformation of asset storage and management, where each asset is assigned a digital duplicate," — states the article.

February 23rd

LiveBitcoinNews focuses on how and why BitRent integrates RFID tags into its construction platform

RFID, the Launch of the Platform and a Conference in Dubai


In addition to integrating RFID chips into constructional elements, BitRent will share the launch of the platform and the long-awaited conference in Dubai.

Launch of the platform

The BitRent platform is officially launched!

The BitRent team has spent an incredibly active year. We were engaged in the development of the platform, and spoke at the blockchain conferences and summits in New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and other blockchain capitals. Then, we successfully conducted the Pre-sale and went to ICO, and the RNTB token is already taking part in trading on crypto-exchanges.

Presentation in Dubai

Following the official launch of the platform, we have already planned to organize the BitRent Blockchain Conference in March in order to present our product to a narrow circle of investors, as well as to potential BitRent community users.

Preparing for Incredible RoadShow since mid-February

This whole week our team dedicated to the preparation for a large-scale RoadShow, during which the BitRent team will present the platform, the first construction object and plans for the coming year in all corners of the world — the USA, Great Britain, Belarus, Germany, Dubai, Russia, China and Israel.

Throughout March, the BitRent team will not sit with arms folded both in direct sense and figurative. We will present the BitRent platform across the most unique Blockchain events as well as offer innovative solutions to the entire construction market.

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