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While the Whole World Chases Bitcoin, BitRent Collects Positive Feedback in Berlin????????
27th February is marked by an exclusive conference International Blockchain & Smart Contracts Summit in Berlin for blockchain narrow specialists.

The BitRent team has become one of the major newsmakers. The technologies integrated into the platform, as well as the approach to managing all construction processes, has become food for thought for large companies' representatives.

The BitRent team prepared a detailed presentation of the BitRent platform itself, and let all participants into the subtleties of the application of all technologies. In addition, we presented our first construction project on the platform — Unity Towers. The BitRent team did not miss the opportunity to take part in a roundtable dedicated to Real Estate. Having worked in the real estate market for more than 20 years, our representatives were actively involved in all blockchain and real estate discussions.

BitRent's presentation received a lot of positive feedback and we are glad that Real Estate representatives expressed huge interest to our innovative idea.

New triumphs ahead!

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