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BitRent Fulfills the Blockchain Dream of the Smart City of Dubai by Presenting a Unique Platform for Construction Investments
4th-5th March BitRent visited Dubai with a presentation and took part in WBATS conference as a key sponsor.

In the times of cutting-edge technology, Dubai, being one of the most technologically advanced cities around the world, is looking for the best version of a distributed platform that will provide all areas of the city with maximum efficiency, transparency and productivity.

The BitRent blockchain platform has an out-of-the-box solution with a long-term perspective in the field of investment and construction.

The BitRent team presented a platform — on the main stage — built on the distributed registry technology, and the first in its history construction project — Unity Towers.

Expectedly, the presentation of BitRent draw much interest among the participants. Or team members answered all topical questions with great pleasure.

Everyone in BitRent is confident that the blockchain is one of the most unique technologies that can make a difference in every, without exception, sector of the economy.

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