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Bitrent took a part of the BitconCRE conference on March 7, 2018 in New York as a main sponsor.
The BitconCRE conference was in a luxury business center in the heart of Manhattan and in spite of the snowy weather gathered more than 150 people from the USA, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Britain, Colombia, CIS countries, etc ..

The conference was held in an open discussion format, where speakers and representatives of the blockchain and real estate companies discussed the problems of the industry and together found answers to the major questions.

Biitrent has separate corner with a backdrop flyers that was personally given to each attende. First, Ihor Bohun did the presentation of the product, and after, the discussion continued in the Q & A format. The idea and implementation of the project received enthusiastic approval from all participants of the conference.

Main focus was on the software component of creating tokens and smart contracts. There was a separate unit dedicated to market regulations discussing options for consolidating the industry in the future.

As a result, several meetings were held with potential partners and investors. The North American market was well received by the project and is ready for large-scale cooperation both from the crypto community and from real estate developers.

We can safely say that Bitrent is the first unique platform that will take its place on the world stage and has all the indicators in order to become the industry leader.

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