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BitRent — Gold Sponsor at 4th annual Blockchain Finance & Fin-Tech China Event in Shanghai
BitRent continues to expand blockchain boundaries in China. This time our team was invited to a unique blockchain event in China that hosts more than 800 attendees each year from every corner of the planet earth willing to share experience and opinions on key industries through the lens of blockchain.

The BitRent representatives received an official invitation to participate in the conference and share practical methods of blockchain application within their construction investment platform.

Sergiy Kyrylovski, BitRent co-founder, gave an opening speech and assured the audience of the blockchain technology's huge potential not only to be integrated in the financial and investment area, but it is already opening new possibilities for innovation exemplified by the BitRent platform.

Mister Zhang, BitRent's advisor, presented the BitRent platform with more details. He told that the platform provides investors with high level of security through the use of Smart Contracts. They keep record of completion of every stage with specific quality and performance time entered in advance. Now developers will have no chance to misuse investment budget and postpone dates due to lack of qualifications. This means that the verification process within the BitRent platform won't be easy to pass for each of them. Only those who have credible reputation and a record of accomplished projects with minimal budget, quality and time variances.

Special attention was given to RNTB — a meaningful token of a new generation that is not assigned some vague value, but is strongly backed by a real economy sector and successfully built real estate.

With BitRent, investors can sleep with a peaceful mind and never worry about market fluctuations or other force majeures. Why? Investment in BitRent is as solid and stable as structural units of buildings on the platform.

The BitRent company is very grateful to all leaders of blockchain clubs, who came from throughout China to support our project.

Please remember that BitRent ICO is still live. Buy RNTB tokens — we have enough square meters for every investor!

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