Every week within the BitRent team is very active. Less than 5 days ago the first stage of our Global Roadshow came to a close. Summing up, we can confidently state that one more important step was made to unite the construction worldwide under the blockchain platform BitRent.

Our team of professionals gradually expands. Now mister Thatavarti, world-class blockchain leader, officially represents the interests of BitRent on the territory of India. He's a chairman and leading blockchain expert in the Global Blockchain Pioneers Association. We're sure that his more than 10-year experience will open a way for BitRent to dominate the market of real estate investments in the South Asia.

Two leading BitRent platform specialists — Igor Pavlov, BitRent Business Developer, and Dmitriy Kolesnik, CTO, shared the secrets of functionality and development of the platform.

Negotiations with Identity Mind Global from the US are on the finishing stage. This company is famous for providing quality connection to KYC/AML services. Moreover, we will most definitely make use of Sixense services — one of the monitoring market leaders that provide peak efficiency for construction process visualization. Our technical expert seized the moment to underline the unique application of RFID-tags in the construction and their important role — a linchpin inside of the distributed ledger chain of construction and financing phases.

Many people ask the question "Whether BitRent is capable of becoming a construction pattern of the future and complete substitution for the present conservative approach?"

Of course! Otherwise, what's the point of launching the platform on this scale?!

Anyway, we invite you to take part and reflect on the platform on the discussion page of our partner across the South Asian region https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6382848394922156032/ and study for yourself available information and documents around our web resources: website — https://bitrent.io, code repository on GitHub — https://github.com/bitrent, social networks — Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bitrentplatform, Telegram https://t.me/bitrentio and blog — Medium https://medium.com/@bitrent

Ask questions and comment the news — our feedback helps us to make the BitRent product better. We're here to give the construction market a breath of fresh air — everyone of you can take active part in this endeavor!

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