BitRent's Breakthrough at the All-China Forum
29th March the BitRent team spoke at the All-China Forum, which took part in Xiamen City. The central focus of the event was blockchain and its cross-industrial flexibility and adaptability.

The event was attended by CEOs of leading corporations across diverse sectors on the Chinese market. Thus, more than 800 entrepreneurs and businessmen could get to meet firsthand the multi-blockchain platform BitRent, its present and future goals as well as get to know with the unique nature of the first meaningful token RNTB.

According to one of BitRent speakers, the progressive approach of the platform lies in the fact that it opens the doors to the investment world to almost any human being on the Earth — the platform welcomes even small investment amounts. Investors at BitRent can start financing any project at any construction stage.

The platform completely digitizes all construction stages. Thanks to a private blockchain powered by Hyperledger, every construction stage is recorded and safely stored in informational blocks. All transactions are regulated by Smart Contracts, which, via RFID-tags, check the quality of work performed. Once Smart Contracts find confirmation that all conditions are met, it releases financing for the next stage. The platform sticks to a stage-to-stage pattern.

Meaningful token RNTB lays the foundation for structuring a new generation of tokens that preserve their value no matter what and provide their holders with real authority.

We're confident that investment advantages provided by the BitRent platform will draw 1% from global real estate investments at the minimum.

BitRent is not just another service — it's a lifestyle. We implant consistent structure and order in the construction industry.

Moving from stage to stage — 1% at first, and then, the whole world!

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