While Elon Musk builds LEGO for adults, the BitRent company develops day-by-day with stable and quick dynamics.

New-look of the Platform's Design

We've already launched the modernization process of our platform design. The developers' team applies a complex approach to the product renovation, with all project's distinctive features kept in mind.

The presentation of the design itself (not yet shaped on the platform) is scheduled for 10th April.

Blockchain Powered by Hyperledger

The alpha version of our private and unique blockchain is in the closing stage of the development. The first operating release is expected 5th-6th April.

On this day proper, our development department is about to finish the blockchain-mobile application cluster. This solution allows to record data the will be transferred from the construction site to the blockchain directly.

Next Stage Project Statement Throughly Worked Out

The following tasks are to be completed:
- connecting KYC services
- extending functionality of developer's account
- putting and withrawing RNTB within the platform
- purchasing services within the platform using RNTB

Developing internal business process of the company

In order to optimize business processes, the BitRent company made a crucial decision to transfer to the Bitrix24 system. We're sure that this will have a positive impact on all products and services provided by the BitRent company.

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