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All-China Conference for Blockchain Professionals Sponsored by China Blockchain Alliance Club
In the course of two days — 10th and 11th April — Xiamen City will host a large-scale event.
All key personalities of the China Blockchain Alliance Club will meet to discuss growth plans for the upcoming year. The host of the event is Trump Card Capital. Its representatives together with partners from other countries will be actively taking part in the event.

China Blockchain Alliance Club is a platform established by Trump Card Capital company together with leading players of the crypto market and blockchain professionals.
By joining forces, they managed to build the platform with the approach that includes maximum transparency of all processes. This allows to unite a great number of blockchain clubs and crypto communities.

During the time when crypto- and blockchain-technologies thrive, government structures and private entrepreneurs look for ultimate solutions to elevate transparency, automation and efficiency at all levels. The BitRent blockchain platform is that very decision allowing its clients to decentralize all processes.

BitRent is one of the partners of China Blockchain Alliance Club. The platforms offers an absolutely transparent approach of investing in construction objects, with every investor to be able to have real influence on object selection for investing and the very construction process using RNTB tokens. Applying BIM 3D technologies and RFID tags, all construction stages are visualized online. The goal of the platform is to unite investors and developers in every corner of the world.

All participants of the China Blockchain Alliance Club event will be talking over the current state of affairs on the blockchain market and reach for the ways of effective integration of finalize findings of the finished ICO and present the report on successful work.
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