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Another period of 7 days was marked by a comprehensive work on a broad range of questions:

  • special characteristics of RFID-tags and the best solution applicable to our platform;
  • application for data transmission from RFID-tags to the platform's system in perfectly processed form;
  • blockchain for data storage received from tags;
  • further visualization of data in the Sixense system.
RFID-solution for in-depth monitoring

Our technical experts conducted several meetings with manufacturing companies of RFID-tags. They found out tasks to be totally understandable and absolutely interesting. Following the meeting, we found out that tags vary — different types of different size — even in the form of stickers. In other words, such "stickers" can be easily mounted on windows, which opens a way to monitor not only carcassing process, but also finishing works to some extent. Moreover, these tags can be used to tie communication lines around and monitor them as well. We plan to use concrete tags BRIC for buildings on the BitRent platform. BRICs have stronger signals — they will be able to work their way through the high density materials with low data throughput.

Our scanners will read all tags mounted in a room only within several seconds — in other words, there's no need to approach the location of each and every tag. The exact number of tags is entered in the system that constantly waits for signals to come in. In case if a certain tag is in range, the signal is successfully received; but if not, the tag is marked red in the system. Consequently, the BitRent system offers total monitoring and status report of the whole amount of tags.

We've already prepared a partnership agreement, which requires initial testing of tags at construction sites under real-life conditions.

Given the fact that BitRent is considered to be a pioneer in this area, we're aimed at just the highest possible quality of tags.

Application with unique functionality

The main function of the application is sending data from scanners to the BitRent system to be later recorded in the blockchain. At this stage we plan to carry out a phased implementation of data transmission function. However, having finished working on this solution, our team will start working on "instant data transmission" feature. To achieve this, it will be necessary to propose changes in the application algorithm, which will later be put into operation by our Eastern European partners.

While talking this task, we will find the most simple and handy solution. In the meantime, our technical department is focused on building the function to receive coordinates to control locations of tags in positions defined by the plan within the BitRent system.

We designed specific criteria for that:

  • reliability: information is sent to the system with 100% probability without any miscommunication;
  • simplicity: the less links we have, the less problems and breakdowns we face;
  • independence: the application operates in any part of the world.
Blockchain prototype operating at full capacity

Our platform has a totally operational prototype, which will be improved and finalized until it reaches the quality established by the needs of our clients and market realia.

Currently our blockchain records each and every action. No changes can be made without breaking the whole chain. In fact, once the change is made, the system records it and mark as an external interference with the aim to corrupt the integrity of chain operations on the BitRent platform.

In other words, the blockchain of the BitRent platform carries out the logging process — analysis of all actions in terms of both accounts of certain users and the whole blockchain system. The depth level of logging is to be configured further.

Next Generation Visualization

The BitRent platform provides data visualization of objects under construction in 3D format for every, without exception, client. As it has been mentioned before, to reach this goal our top management involved the Sixense company. At this time, we're waiting for a demo-version of the software so that the BitRent developers may analyze it and define which components require further configuration to meet the functionality of the platform.

The program allows to mark exact locations of tags that will later be displayed in 3D model. Program operator will be responsible for changing the status of tags: planned; mounted; signal received and etc.

For the convenience of our investors, all the mentioned above information will be presented in a visually understandable form.

"China BLockchain Alliance Club" Conference

While our technical department was looking for solutions, the leaders of the BitRent platform took part in the international conference of the leading blockchain club in Asia — China Blockchain Alliance Club.

The BitRent team was presented by founder Dmitriy Starovoitov, co-founder Sergei Kyrylovskiy, business developer Igor Pavlov and Asian partner Mr. Dong.

The leader of the BitRent team presented the annual report and shared about successful ICO. The presentation was a true success, with Mr. Starovoitov to be invited for an interview.

Every representative of the BitRent team spoke about practical application of blockchain and presented the guidance for standardization of processes in the construction sector.

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