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Friends and every blockchain and real estate enthusiast believing in the BitRent idea!
The BitRent team pursues a good tradition of completing all tasks on schedule. Thanks to a highly competent team and support from our community and partners, we managed to achieve great success and would love to share it with you. We remind you that 1st April is marked by official and extremely important stage in the life of BitRent.

We thank everyone for participation and support. Without you project Bitrent was unable to become a reality! To sum up, we inform you that for the last 10 months of active work on the project, we managed to get impressive results: one of the most striking indicators is a willingness to our platform Bitrent 80%, which is available on the link: https://bitrent.world/main . Our team wants to recall that the work on the development platform were conducted in parallel active ICO.

The ICO fundraising amounts to 37'000 ETH. We have created a special conditions in the smart contracts in which 70–80% of tokens will hold within 6–12 months.

RNTB tokens at the moment are available on 5 exchanges:

Hitbtc: https://hitbtc.com

Exrates : https://exrates.me

OTCBTC: https://otcbtc.com

Etherdelta https://etherdelta.com

We also we carry negotiations with:





It's amazing to share with you successes out on the world site review of the course of coins on the stock exchanges, such as:

Coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitrent

Bitinfocharts https://bitinfocharts.com/ru/bitrent/

Feixiaohao https://m.feixiaohao.com/currencies/bitrent

Coin Ranker https://www.coinranker.net/cryptocurrency/bitrent

Coinhills https://www.coinhills.com/market/rntb/

Live Coin Watch https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/bitrent-rntb

Digital Coin Price https://digitalcoinprice.com/coins/bitrent

Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0x1fe70be734e473e5721ea57c8b5b01e6caa52686

For this period the BitRent their innovative ideas attracted much attention to the world's publishers, including: The Merkle, Huffington post, Sunday post, the Cointelegraph, BTC-Echo, Coinfox, Coinspeaker, Cointurk, Live Bitcoin News, Coinjornal, Buzzfeed, ZY crypto, Real Estate inVestor and many others.

New Direction of blockchain development

Our development department has already completed the first version of our own private blockchain based on hyperledger fabric. At this stage blockchain will be used to record information on the state of the object. Our prototype provides the process of logging — analyzes of all the action as part of an account specific user and throughout the blockchain. Already on the final stage of the process of the connection of service kyc / aml. In addition, we work with Sixense — one of the market leaders monitoring for the implementation of the most effective 3d visualization of the process of building.

Even before the start of ico company Bitrent received legal opinion of specialists of the United States, in which indicated that the model of tokens RNTB corresponds to all the criteria of law, including was howey test. Also, in order to ensure full compliance and legal requirements US we have filed in sec form d with respect to the application to the ico in the States of regulation d rule 506.

BitRent developers prepared a set of smart contracts that will provide a full cycle of the project, from the reception of investment and ending turn-object into operation. For the period of ICO our team held a successful road show and contributed to the spread of blockchain technology in Asia, North America, Europe and the middle East.

  • 25th february, cryptoyacht, Dubai, (UAE)
  • 26–27th february, international blockchain and smart contracts summit, Berlin (Germany)
  • 27th february, blockchain & bitcoin conference, Minsk (Belarus)
  • 1st march, international blockchain summit, Moscow (Russia)
  • 4–5th march, world blockchain and token summit, Dubai (UAE)
  • 6th march, private Bitrent vip presentation, Dubai (UAE)
  • 7th march, BitcoinCRe, New York (USA)
  • 10th march, Cryptoinvestorshow, London (Great Britain)
  • 13th march Bitrent join startup Grind event with Rona Segev-Gal, Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • 14th march, webinar Cryptonomics ICOBox by Nikolay Evdokimov and Vadim Dashut
  • 15–16th march, Blockchain finance & Fintech China 2018, Shanghai (China)
  • 17–19th march, Webinars with the USA
  • 20th march, China blockchain Alliance, Kunming (China)
  • 23th march, Blockchain conference, Novosibirsk (Moscow)
  • 29th march, All-China blockchain forum, Xiamen (China)
  • 31th march, Cryptonomics capital fund conference, Istanbul (Turkey)
LP bitrent officially registered in England in the city of London, at St. unit 5 olympia industrial estate Coburg road, n22 6tz Tel .: +447379027178

our team extends the border bitrent and already opened a number of missions in:

Czech Republic, Prague: St. Vynohradsk 2828/151, office Center scott & weber 13000 Tel .: +420776518839, e-mail: info@bitrent.io

In the Gulf States: office 903, Fortune tower cluster C, jlt. Сontact phone numbers: +971 55 542 6149 — Nicholas (partner bitrent in the Gulf States) additional number: +971 52 827 32 33 — Dmitry (partner bitrent in the Gulf States) e-mail: dk@bitrent.io

Representation bitrent in China: 138 1055 2418 邓女士 (ms.deng) 151 2607 8552 陈先生 (mr.chen) 135 9932 6388 陈先生 (mr.chen) soon is expected to the opening of missions in the United States (San Francisco) and India.

We also glad you to announce that is active work on the project BitRent Hub. BitRent Hub — a business centers for Association blockchain company and companies that are related to blockchain, in one place. On the first floor will be placed co-working centers for young startup projects. Bitrent Hub is a network of business centers, the first three will be are situated in United States (San Francisco), the China (Xiamen) and theUnited Arab Emirates (Dubai) an area of on 5000 m2 (5 floors).

After all preparations and approval sites data projects of course will be loaded on the platform BitRent! Platform Bitrent already downloaded three projects from Ukraine, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates. At the moment verification are two more construction object and only in Dubai were considered the order of 15 projects. Tokens that do not have been sold for the period of ISO and presale, namely 58 million tokens, will be incinerated. We only at the beginning of the way, ahead of US to expect much more active of working with developers around the world to download the best projects with the UK, China and the US for our platform. In addition, there is a work with our existing partners in each region and the establishment of arrangements with new partners.

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