Announcement of participation in global blockchain exhibition
21st-22nd April 2018 BitRent will take part in the biggest so far blockchain exhibitions that will unite tycoons from different areas. The main host of the Blockchain Expo of Wanguo is the same-name committee. The exhibition will take place 21st-22nd April 2018 in Wanguo Cheng, Shenzhen.

Invited are scientists from different sectors, economists, famous investors, political and commercial top management together with leaders of blockchain startups and important personalities in the technical world. Together they will discuss the development of technologies in the future while studying and promoting the real implementation of blockchain "blockchain + implementation." The main goal is to build the model for the whole sector.

Blockchain Expo of Wanguo is the most focused-on-blockchain exhibition around the world taking place on a half-official island. At the same time it's a very important conference that invites the largest blockchain companies. The scope of the event is set to reach more than 10'000 people.

According to the international community, Blockchain Expo of Wanguo is "the most blockchain-oriented event." Taking part in such an event is regarded as a high-profile move on the global blockchain scale. No doubt, this event will be attended by state officials. Blockchain Expo of Wanguo is the best promotion place for enterprises connected to blockchain — the largest and most influential gathering today.

At the exhibition the BitRent platform will be presented by the Chinese team of BitRent with the lead of the financial analyst, senior associate in the field of technologies and blockchain development, expert in the area of financial technologies and blockchain application — professor Zhang An.
BitRent's participation in the Blockchain Expo of Wanguo can be characterized by a powerful combination-alliance of two strong forces. We believe it will have a powerful impact on the development and advancement of the real estate industry!

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