The new network of business centers around the globe — BitRent Hub
Hi to every blockchain community enthusiast!

The popularization of the blockchain technology leads to incredible changes almost in all spheres of human life.
The immense increase in the number of startups and mass integration of the blockchain technology around the whole world inspired the BitRent team with the idea to create an absolutely new and grandiose project under the name BitRent Hub. This project is one of the most important events in the life of the BitRent platform and, very soon, within the global blockchain community.

BitRent Hub is the network of business centers around the globe, which are meant to facilitate the most comfortable and practical environment for the blockchain community!

BitRent Hub is a hi-tech A+ class business centers, built using green standards — Leed Platinum — ("grey water", solar cells in facade windows and etc.).

Buildings are from 5 000 sq.m. and 5 floors to 20 000 sq.m. and 20–24 floors in the area.

The first floors will be dedicated to modern and spacious co-working center, where every company and group of enthusiasts will be able to bring to reality their ideas, startups and innovations in the blockchain sector.

All the next floors will be given to blockchain companies or those working closely with this sector. For instance: Smart Contract and software developers, legal companies and others. Besides, every BitRent Hub building will have the office of the BitRent company.

Currently, we're conducting final negotiations together with partnering companies to get land parcels in the following regions:
1. China, Mount Fuji district
2. USA, San Francisco
3. UAE, Dubai

Once negotiations are finalized, we will enter the Stage 2 — our managers will agree all source documents and get everything ready for construction.

The very process is planned for the beginning of 2019.

Are you ready to create something new?
Ready to build the idea of global scale?

If yes, then join BitRent. Let's build the future together!

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