1st Tech Exhibition Blockchain Expo of Wanguo
1st Tech Exhibition Blockchain Expo of Wanguo Successfully Ends

From 21st untill 22nd April 2018 Blockchain Expo of Wanguo 2018 was held in Shenzhen.

The main initiator of the event was an E-commerce Association of China. Blockchain Expo of Wanguo 2018 is the first industrial global conference led by the government organization — E-commerce Association.

The BitRent team received an official invitation to take part in the exhibition as a representative and leader of the blockchain platform in the field of real estate.

The topic of this blockchain event became "Uniting epochs, paths and the future." In the course of 2 days the number of attendees reached more than 2 000 people — investors, blockchain enthusiasts and companies, representatives of government institutions, mass media and so on.

Blockchain is the heart of the third techno revolution of the Internet, with the Blockchain Expo of Wanguo to be the best platform to hold meetings for breakthrough members of the blockchain industry from the whole world.

Among the guests of the event were:

Prof. Zhang An
Founder of 360 Block, financial analyst, senior associate in the field of blockchain technology development, an expert in the area of financial technologies and blockchain application, host of the roundtable at 4th Annual Blockchain Finance&Fintech China;

Mr. Mao Daqing
Chairman of Xiongzuhui Union, founder and chairman of UCOMMUNE;

Mr. Yang Dong
Assistant dean of the legal faculty of the Renmin University if China, directors of the Research Center for financial technologies and cybersecurity as well as other economists and scientists.

Professor Zhang An, leading advisor of BitRent, as well as an expert in the field of FinTech and blockchain application, gave a speech and explained how the BitRent platform guarantees the quality of real estate using blockchain and smart contracts and it can provide monitoring via construction technologies — RFID and BIM.

The introduction of the BitRent platform will change the investment structure in the real estate and provide a unique future for the construction market.

While the market comes back to the positive condition, Blockchain Expo of Wanguo acts as a pacemaker for the sector. Moreover, the stable growth of Bitcoin and other popular currencies strengthens the whole industry.

It's absolutely impossible to imagine how this event could go without the BitRent representatives — the blockchain platform providing the possibility to buy real estate.

The BitRent platform is an inevitable part of the blockchain application scenario. During this very event, apart from discussions with investors regarding details of blockchain usage and plans for further development, much attention was given to the promotion of "blockchain+application" model and creation of the standard approach for the blockchain sector.










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