Bit-Z re-vote instruction !
Dear BitRent community!

Upon invitation from the Bit-Z team to list RNTB token on their exchange, the BitRent company sent additional application to pass listing procedure.

Under the terms of the trading platform, in order to join, tokens need to win 2'000'000 VTC votes with the help of platform voters.

Therefore, we invite you to vote for our project. The BitRent company offers unique conditions to every voter: the exchange will distribute 8'000'000 RNTB among all BitRent voters.

For every your VTC vote for (the approximate price of the vote is $0.10–0.11) you get a bonus — 4 RNTB tokens (the approximate price of the token is $0.06–0.07). Thus, your amount of bonuses is $0.24–0.28 for every given VTC vote.*
* — the count was made on the day of calculation and depends only upon market fluctuations, only if 100% votes are lined up. If more than 100% votes are lined up, RNTB tokens will be distributed in proportion to the total number of voters.

Voting rules:
- Voting starts:14th May 2018 at 3pm
- Voting ends:20th May 2018 at 3pm
- Maximum amount of votes: 1 000 VTC
- Voting bracket: 50 VTC — 1 000 VTC
- Voting goal: 2 000 000 VTC
- Bonus: 8 000 000 RNTB
If the project wins essential 2 000 000 votes — Bit-Z launches RNTB token trading as soon as it is available.
If the voting goal is not reached — all VTC will be refunded to voters.

Hope for your support!

Your BitRent Team

For detailed instructions, please contact our telegram channel.

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