15th May BitRent company held a meeting with SIXENSE representatives
BitRent offers solutions for absolutely clear monitoring and control over construction and your investments online.

The BitRent platform provides data visualization of objects under construction in 3D format for every, without exception, client. As it has been mentioned before, to reach this goal our top management involved SIXENSE company.

SIXENSE is a group of world-class excellence in digital services and solutions for:

- Construction project management : solutions for planning, monitoring and controlling construction sites
- Asset management : solutions for managing, controlling and maintaining assets
- Risk management : universal solutions for all types of risks

For more than 20 years SIXENSE has been actively creating and offering solutions within poles of expertise — engineering, technologies and digital space. SIXENSE's principal mission is to provide support to designers, builders, operators to successfully achieve set goals.

During the meeting with SIXENSE Digital, the company professionals held the presentation of the software product. At the same time SIXENSE representatives offered out-of-the-box solutions to support designers and builders of BitRent platform, which are all about managing construction projects by applying specific RFID tags to effectively monitor construction processes. This software allows to mark accurate locations of RFID tags, which will then be displayed in 3D model. Program operators will be responsible for status change of these tags: planned, mounted, signal received and so on.

By following this approach, our team will be able to not only control risks, but also, even more importantly, manage them effectively.

At this time, we're waiting for a demo-version of the software so that BitRent developers may analyze it and define which components require further configuration to meet the functionality of the platform and then actively use it.

For the convenience of our investors, all the mentioned above information will be presented in a visually understandable form.

All BitRent efforts are aimed at analysis and optimization of your investments!










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