18th May BitRent Again in Asia to Present the Project !
Save the Date — 18th May BitRent Again in Asia to Present the Project

The event in China united more than 300 blockchain clubs

All across Asia, the blockchain technology is being developed at rapid-fire pace and BitRent believes in successful implementation of the platform's unique ideas in the construction sector of Asia even now.

More than 300 blockchain clubs from China, Singapore and Taiwan came together at the private conference to share recent successes and achievements.

Together with our partners and friends from China Blockchain Alliance Club and Trump Card Capital, we discussed development plans for the upcoming half a year.

The main focus of the event was on the presentation of the new platform by BitRent as well as unique BitRent Blockchain Hub project.

The latter one already has a land parcel prepared for its construction in the IT capital of the world — Silicon Valley. The presentation took 3 hours and was exceptionally informative and creative.

BitRent Today

BitRent team finalized implementation of the platform and is currently busy working on marketing activities by taking part in the most prominent conferences around the world with the aim to present competitive advantages and new projects.

We have already started construction of the first object, which was financed through BitRent platform. Our team uploaded a few more projects and launched fundraising for the first BitRent Hub. Moreover, RNTB token is being actively used in renting transactions and financial support for the first Hub.

Important thing to mention, commission received from developers — 3% — is burned by the platform.

RNTB Token

Our main token — RNTB — obtained a new unique feature — now it's a sectoral token that covers the whole global economy sector. Future belongs to RNTB!

We'll keep you informed — subscribe to our Social Networks and together we will go on an amazing blockchain journey.

The world of construction is waiting for changes and fresh solutions. Buy RNTB tokens and own square meters of the best construction objects in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Hubs, residential and commercial objects by BitRent will lay the foundation for a new era of effective and profitable construction.

RNTB tokens are available across leading cryprto exchanges in the world:
HitBTC, OTCBTC, YoBit, Exrates.









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