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17th May Time Capsule is laid in the foundation of Unity Towers — the First Object Tokenized at the Construction Start in Eastern Europe
In the official part of the event by international blockchain platform BitRent took part the representatives of local government as well as partners — MEGALINE DEVELOPMENT and RIVIERA DEVELOPMENT

17th May Odessa hosted an iconic event in the blockchain and crypto industry of the Eastern Europe. BitRent company once again proved to be a consistent blockchain project that it delivers on its promises towards RNTB token holders and fulfills obligations.

BitRent together with MEGALINE DEVELOPMENT, RIVIERA DEVELOPMENTand local authorities officially announced the start of construction of the residential and commercial real estate complex, which knows no equals in Eastern Europe.

The concept design was made by Carl Francis — a qualified architect with over 18 years of experience worldwide. He's regarded by many as one of the top 10 architects in the world, with an exemplary portfolio of iconic masterpieces: Elements Shopping Mall Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre Hong Kong, Orchard Shopping Centre Singapore, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Unity Towers is the first tokenized object that is built using the BitRent tools. It's a complex of three high-rise buildings that comprise a residential area, hotel, business center, coworking space and IT-Hub. The object is located in an investment-attractive location — by the Black Sea. This project — built using Blockchain, Smart Contracts, BIM и RFID — will become a model for other developers and open a new business niche for investors.

Unity Towers provides the following advantages for investors:

  • Resort zone
  • High renting demand
  • Well-developed infrastructure in a modern megapolis
  • Short way to the sea, park and entertainment zones
  • Perfect combination of residential, business and trade functions
BIM and RFID technologies are to be actively used during the construction. It will inevitably lead to better quality control, meeting of deadlines and locating project data gaps at any stage.

The event was held in the inspirational atmosphere seeing that Unity Towers will launch the beginning of the era of next-gen construction, where risks are minimized, easily managed and are under total control. The income level of investments in such objects will meet your highest expectations.

With every new floor built, UNT and RNTB tokens will rise in value. Take a chance and gain the right to own square meters in the most high-profile East European building located in the resort area with direct access to the Black Sea. Purchase living space in Unity Towers for yourself and your family. Possess commercial real estate objects and gain high profit.

Unity Towers is not just a high-technology building compliant with modern quality standards. Unity Towers is first and foremost an atmosphere, where you can enjoy every minute at the resort area and still gain profit from highly liquid investments.

The fundraising process is in full force — follow a link and invest in your future by purchasing UNT tokens.

BitRent team will be always with you in the course of Unity Towers construction!









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