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"Without the past, there is no future," is a popular thought and even an ideology in the modern world, which, however, has nothing to do with the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. In this world, many factors interweave, which in one way or another affect the motion of this dynamically developing technology.

Of course, we hear phrases that "cryptocurrency and blockchain bubble is about to burst," but is it really so?

What we know for sure is that the progressive ideas that changed millions of lives around the world leaped into the minds of people who wanted to build something, rather than destroy with a passive or negative attitude.

BitRent platform is in the team of "builders". We offer a simple and understandable type of interaction between investors and developers in an absolutely conservative and closed real estate market. Despite many obstacles, our diverse but cohesive BitRent team does not give up and continues to inspire confidence in its users by moving to the cherished goal.

Updated Platform Design

Our designers have made every effort to ensure that all, without exception, users relax and receive pleasant emotions from the interaction with the design and architecture of the BitRent platform.

The updated design is executed in stylish and elegant colors, which correspond to the seriousness and scale of the tasks set by the platform.

New Objects on the Platform

Uploading of construction objects is well underway. We believe in the success of the project and therefore continue to work with land agencies around the world to surprise all our users with new construction projects. One of our goals is to build a solid foundation for the blockchain technology! We will introduce this idea through BitRent Blockchain Hubs that will connect blockchain clubs, small and large investors, crypto and blockchain enthusiasts to work together on the effective implementation of blockchain in our daily pursuits.

BitRent Hub San Francisco

Located in the Silicon Valley — the heart of innovation and IT technologies;
Neighboring with the offices of Apple, LinkedIn, Mercedes-Benz and Juniper;
Co-working space for blockchain startups with the best conditions;
Unique BBHS tokens;

This is only a part of the benefits that happy owners of tokens will get. The land parcel for the building has already been purchased and we have a little left to do — collect the necessary amount for the start of construction.

Buy BBHS tokens and get square meters together with the blockchain atmosphere, where your innovative ideas will find the effective application.

Two other "hubs" in New York and Budapest are also successfully uploaded to the platform.

Asia, BitRent Blockchain Hub and success on Bit-Z

In May the BitRent team went back to Asia. May 18th, we spoke at the conference, with over 300 blockchain clubs gathered from China, Singapore and Taiwan. The main event of the meeting was BitRent's presentation of a new platform and a unique project — BitRent Blockchain Hub — which has a land parcel prepared for its construction in the IT capital of the world — Silicon Valley. The presentation lasted about 3 hours and was incredibly informative and interesting.

May 21st-22nd BitRent Presents its #1 Blockchain Hub at the Largest Summit in Asia — FINWISE SUMMIT TOKYO.

During one of the most high-profile blockchain events, BitRent representatives lifted the veil on their most promising and long-awaited project in history — BitRent Blockchain Hub.

Specialists of the platform for construction investments believe that in the era of rapid development of blockchain, it is very important to have the appropriate blockchain infrastructure — the facilities that will be located first in large blockchain regions — Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East, and then in all countries of the world. BitRent Blockchain Hub is a technological project; its main goal is to create a blockchain ecosystem for all participants in this field.

BitRent finishes the last month of spring on a positive note — we successfully passed the voting process for the RNTB token on the leading exchange — BIT-Z.

Enabling KYC functionality
The BitRent team is announcing a large-scale update! This one will not only improve the service but will make all processes on the BitRent platform transparent and secure. We are launching KYC!
KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) — are considered two modern pillars of security and regulation of financial transactions.
The key functions are as follows:
Does not give way for shady financial operations;
Opens the possibilities for building an effective client base, taking investments exclusively from verified investors and compiling a full geographic and demographic stats of users.
All projects implementing KYC are not able to live in the shadow and hide their identities. Thus, the chances of fraud are next to none. The KYC procedure does not affect the project economy model and guarantees no commercial success.
Simply put, KYC is a useful tool that does not reduce the usability of the BitRent platform, but on the contrary, it allows you to eliminate unrest and invest with pleasure as well as the complete sense of security.
The introduction of KYC is not a new phenomenon on the market. Most platforms in various areas have already successfully implemented this function in their architecture and now BitRent is alongside the leading companies of the global blockchain.
The goal of BitRent is to become the most secure and transparent system for investing in real estate. Having passed the verification from KYC, you will save your valuable time and will no longer fill countless fields in electronic forms to confirm your identity.
BitRent makes the investment process absolutely understandable and accessible. We create the safest environment for your ideas and finances!

In one of these days, BitRent's legal department conducted analysis in the area of cryptocurrency regulation. We came to the conclusion that the past week was extremely rich in events.

The main reason for curbing growth, according to the recognized market expert, Thomas Lee, remains the regulatory uncertainty. Representatives of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities Commission of the United States (SEC) note that, first of all, they would like to avoid deterring the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies but have not yet found a universal solution.

Despite the inherent uncertainty among regulators, positive changes are already observed in Singapore, Thailand and in the offices of the European Parliament. Thus, the central bank of Singapore has initiated the introduction of changes to the existing regulation of the securities market. Its main purpose is to facilitate the entry of the decentralized exchanges powered by blockchain.

In Thailand, industry experts assess the legislation as a whole, as friendly to the industry, and officials unanimously declare that they are in no way going to ban cryptocurrencies and ICO.
The European Parliament sees great prospects for the use of blockchain technologies for small and medium businesses. To do this, appropriate recommendations will be issued for small and medium businesses to turn their attention to and explore the possibilities of blockchain to optimize their business and expenses.

Stay tuned!

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