BITRENT — Leading Blockchain Platform for Construction Investments Changes Design

BitRent platform, author of revolutionary projects Unity Towers andBitRent Blockchain Hub, renovated platform and website design

Leading Blockchain platform for construction investments in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East — BITRENT — while actively advancing on the investment market landscape, made an important decision to renovate design of the platform.

The team breathed new life into the platform design, which was introduced a year ago. The new product stand for a stylish design, conforming to the scale and ambitions of the project, and quality adaptive layout.

The new platform design has been created using the most cutting-edge trends of global Blockchain platforms — leaders of the market.

"When choosing and developing re-design of the platform, we focused on practices of the leading Blockchain projects — CoinBase and Ripple," says Viacheslav Bobok, CEO BitRent Blockchain Hub.

Our developer department radically changed the architecture of the platform website, improved database, purchased new servers and shifted to a modern CMS.

Users will undoubtedly be satisfied with several-fold higher speed of page load time and website responsiveness.

Besides, our developers did their best to expand the applicability of cloud technologies.

"We made every effort to ensure that the website of the platform is a top-class product standing on the frontline of global trends," — adds Mr. Bobok.

Now the platform website is a completely multimedia product. It will be operating smoothly across all devices.

To improve the usability level and search optimization, BitRent company referred to expertise of the best experts and advisors. They held audience analysis, product testing and compliance with up-to-date level of content consumption.

We invite you to follow the link and enjoy new experience from interaction with BitRent platform.

Invest with comfort and style in a pleasant atmosphere!

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