In the Name of Safety or Advantage?
In the light of hot speculations about Facebook and Google decisions to ban ads connected to bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO, BitRent Team aims to find genuine motives behind the decision of mega corporations.

In January 2018, Facebook together with Google and also Twitter made a decision to completely ban cryptocurrency advertising in their Social Networks.

Companies' official representatives explained that they simply want to protect all consumers of their content from ICO scams, fraudulent token sales, Ponzi schemes and a lot more.

The reason is quite convincing, but interviews by companies' founders and leaders suggest different.

Heads of Facebook, Google and Twitter have several times mentioned about their positive attitude toward Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and even speculated on using these technologies in the architecture of their Social Networks.

We tend to believe more and more in analysts' ideas that these Internet market leaders are taking a break only to "blow up" the market with their own cryptocurrencies.

BitRent Team suggests that very soon Facebook, Google, Twitter and other corporations will join the Blockchain industry. The only question is — when and how?

What do you think?

Are these leading Social Networks playing fair by banning crypto and Blockchain ads, and thus, getting a significant advantage on the way to join crypto space on their own "comfortable" terms?

Tell us what you think in comments.

We're 100% sure that users and subscribers of BitRent Community will share their own unique opinions about this situation!

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