BitRent's Success at the Blockchain Alliance Conference in China
10th April, the China Blockchain Alliance Club held a long-awaited meeting for blockchain leaders.

The founder of China Blockchain Alliance Club thanked all members of the organization for joint efforts toward goal-oriented development.

During the past year, China Blockchain Alliance Club pushed the idea of blockchain and held conferences across Asia, with lots of leading blockchain experts to have a chance to meet the progressive views of the BitRent platform in the construction area.

The BitRent team was represented by the following persons at the conference: Dmitriy Starovoitov, founder; Sergei Kyrylovskiy, co-founder; and Igor Pavlov, Chief Business Developer.

The leader of the BitRent team shared about recently finished ICO and successful launch of the BitRent.UK platform with active objects that are open for investments. The presentation of the project proved effective and practical to such an extent that the founder of the company — Dmitriy Starovoitov — was invited for an interview by one of tech TV channels.

The hosts of the event focused on building successful organizational culture of the China Blockchain Alliance Club and discussed three blocks of questions:
- Blockchain and its application
- Blockchain and us
- Quick development?

Every BitRent representative shared practical experience of blockchain application and presented a guide for standardizing processes in the construction field.

Apart from the fact that all guests were enriched with practical blockchain use cases in the construction sector, they also received red envelopes with nice bonus — RNTB.

It is worth mentioning that the hosts of the conference carried out a lottery for guests: the luckiest ones — 31 persons in total — got prizes. 15 guests got 200 RNTB, another 15–500 RNTB and the winner — 5000 RNTB!

Let's "blockchainize" construction together!






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