Non-stop marathon at Blockchain UA Hackathon, September 23–24, Kyiv

This weekend our team participated in Hakaton, which took place on September 23–24 in Kyiv. Hakaton is a well-known forum of developers and startups that work on different software applications. Participants receive advice from the experts of the Blockchain technology, which allows them create their own prototype and then present it to other participants.

Our team also presented the idea of monitoring the processes of construction and control of energy efficiency and comfort of the buildings. As a result, we attracted attracted attention of developers from different industries. With their help, we developed a small prototype of the platform, which was presented on the second day of Hakaton. Although we did not get the first place, we got the most important prize — the viewer’s` sympathy. It should be added that the prototype of our platform was also developed using Blockchain technology.

In general, our presentation had both an educational and social purpose, and I think we managed to get a very good response. We will continue developing in this direction, so in the future you will have the opportunity to observe the development of our innovative ideas on Blockchainua Hackathon and other conferences and forums.

And now we are participating and performing in Denmark on the Green Building Active house house symposium.

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