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Dear BitRent Community!

We hasten to make you happy with the good news!

Vote for RNTB Token on

We have already made an application to list RNTB token on the trading platform Based on terms, addition of tokens is performed through user voting. In light of this, we invite you to vote for our project and take part in the bonus distribution.

1 000 000 RNTB will be distributed by the exchange among all voters free-of-charge.

To participate in the distribution, one needs to carry out the following instructions:
  1. Sign up at using this link (You can get 50 VTC for free to vote only using the mentioned above link. VTC stands for Votecoin meant to be used in the course of voting). Picture 1
    1. Write your Email address in the Email field.
    2. Create your own password for your account in the Password field.
    3. Duplicate the password from 1.2. Section in the Repeat field.
    4. Please be aware that the Referal ID (Optional) field should contain numbers 1262733. (In case if you started (1. Section) signup process by following the link - this field will be filled automatically. Please compare the numbers in this field).
    5. Please enter the Verification Code shown on the picture.
    6. Check the box near the text "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use".
    7. Press Submit button.
  2. At this point the signup process is almost done. You will get a letter to your Email address from Bit-Z with a confirmation link for your Email.
  3. Confirm your Email by following a link from your email box.
  4. Again log in to using your Email and Password.
  5. Please turn on 2FA authentication:
    1. One needs to download Google Authenticator app from Google Play or App Store and install it on your phone.
    2. Please go to the main menu at and click on Account, 2FA Code section. Picture 2
    3. In the next window scan QR Code through Google Authenticator and make the following steps: Picture 3
      • Field 1. - 16-Digit Key: please save/write down 16 digits to a secure place.
      • Field 2. - Email: randomly matches your Email. No need to fill it out.
      • Field 3. - Login Password: Your password tied to the account at
      • Field 4. - Email Verification Code: By clicking on Get Verification Code button, you will get a Verification Code to your Email address, which should be written in the Field 4.
      • Field 5. - 2FA Code: enter the code from Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. Check the box "I have backed up my 16-digit key", thus confirming that you have saved a copy of 16-Digit Key in a safe place.
    4. Click Enable 2FA button.
    5. At this point the 2FA activation process is completed.
  6. Go to and via "Vote" section proceed to the following page: . Then go to "In progress" section.
  7. Scroll the list of projects and choose BitRent (RNTB). Picture 4
  8. Click the "Detail" button. Picture 5
  9. Please use all your available VTC (50 VTC and more) for the voting process.
  10. Click the "Vote" button.
Remember: You may use no more than 200 VTC for voting. More VTC can be bought on the kerb market - Bit-Z OTC. The more VTC you use for voting, the more RNTB tokens you will get. RNTB tokens will be available at the end of voting process on the condition that the listing process for RNTB token at Bit-Z is successfully completed.

Voting rules:

  • Voting Start Date:
  • Voting Deadline:
  • Maximum number of votes:
  • Voting range:
  • Voting target:
  • Bonus:
  • January 26, 2018 15:00
  • February 2, 2018 15:00
  • 200 VTC
  • 1 VTC - 200 VTC
  • 1 000 000 VTC
  • 1 000 000 RNTB
If the project gets the required 1 000 000 votes - Bit-Z launches RNTB token, once it is available.
If the target is not reached - all VTC are to be refunded to all voters.

Hope for your support!

Your BitRent Team