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BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property.

We connect developers with investors.

BIM + RFID + Blockchain = smart home

International real estate

Smart contracts for reliable deals

BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at all stage of construction without georeferencing in order to gain maximum profit from by selling and renting out the acquired property.

1.Developer enters the property description into BitRent platform.
2.Investor chooses a real estate item that best meets his/her criteria.
3. Once the first two steps are taken, Smart Contract activates payment system for the investor to pay in cryptocurrency.
4. Investor submits an offer via Smart Contract to the registry subject with minimal legal liability.
5. Developer accepts an offer by digital signature.
6. Intermediaries perform their functions (contract analysis, notarial procedures and etc.).
7. Once all conditions are met, Smart Contract records payment details and title transfer to a new owner in BitRent register.


Legal registered office address: 
Unit 5 Olympia Industrial Estate, Coburg Road, London, England, N22 6TZ

Actual office address: in Czech Republic:
Vinohradska 2828/151, Scott & Weber Office center
PRAGUE, 13000
Czech Republic

We put together a team of professionals with innovative thinking. Some of them are talented architects, while others have huge ICO experience with numerous successful projects worldwide. Our team members always take trainings, improve their knowledge, skills as well as qualification. You can find more information in Team section on our website.

BitRent is a team of skilled professionals with solid-fintech experience in real estate sector and blockchain technology. Moreover, our partners are construction companies with international recognition and public success-story starting from 1995.

We have numerous already built and put into operation buildings of commercial and residential real estate that stand for 2 million MQ.

Our target audience represents people who are willing to invest in various real estate items any sums of money — even the minimal ones.

The sum of funds collected during Presale will be divided by 200.000.000 tokens and the result obtained will stand for the token cost.

The price is to be determined during Pre-sale.
Duration: 7 days. Emission: 200,000,000 RNTB tokens.
The amount of RNTB received for ETH should be counted based on the following formula:
Sum = X * Y/Z
Sum stands for the amount of RNTB received.
X stands for the amount of ETH needed to buy RNTB.
Y stands for the emission of RNTB for a certain period.
Z stands for the total amount of ETH received in the current period.
An investor is willing to purchase the amount of RNTB worth 10 ETH. The emission in the current period stands for 200,000,000 RNTB, with 1,000,000 ETH received during this period.
Sum = 10 ETH * 200 000 000 RNTB/1 000 000 ETH = 2 000 RNTB
The use of such formula makes it virtually impossible for one investor to purchase all coins.
Sum = 10 ETH * 200 000 000 RNTB/50 000 ETH = 40 000 RNTB
Token price 1 RNTB = 0,00025 ETH

In order to take part you need to sign up on our website. During Pre-sale all payments should be made in Ethereum, while during ICO — Ethereum and Bitcoin.

RNTB token are designed to be used as a tool to access smart contract in order to pass equity participation certificate in construction to BitRent register.

Thus, using RNTB tokens will be necessary to access services provided by the platform.

Tokens will be available for purchase starting from November 24th — BitRent’s official Pre-sale start and digital wallets’ launch.

During Pre-sale you can buy tokens with 40% discount. If you’re a large investor, discounts are discussed separately. Please send your letters to

We allocate 500.000 tokens, which stands for 0.05% of total amount of tokens released.

More information:

10% of tokens from the pool stock of bounty campaign goes to management operations.

We chose the following Social Networks for the bounty campaign: Telegram, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Reddit.

BitRent is the first decentralized platform that facilitates tracking of all construction processes from modelling to efficiency audit of a constructed building by applying Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology in real time. Moreover, the mentioned above technologies allow its users to monitor financial and technical areas of real estate equity participation at all construction stages.


Tokens provide investors with opportunities to gain profits at various stages  invests in construction. In the course of Presale, you have a unique opportunity to get a 40% discount. During ICO you’ll have a chance to convert the tokens, which you’ve recently bought, into cryptocoins in order to receive profit when investing in real estate items or trading at crypto stock exchanges.

RFID tags’ main benefit lies in the fact that they can read data within significant radius, register all displacements track them and, if necessary, perform search. Combining blockchain wtih RFID technology provides better quality security for tags and readers saving for fake tools. Such synergy of two technologies provides effective and fast transfer of true data on each and every construction stage as well as building condition down to its dismantling.

The following types of real estate will be represented within the platform:

  • hotel networks 3*, 4*, 5*; shopping and entertainment centers from 5,000 MQ to 150,000 MQ and more in area;
  • business centers of B, A, A+ class built using modern energy efficient technologies that comply with LEED Silver and LEED gold standards;
  • logistics centers of B and A class;
  • highly-profitable factories;
  • cooling complexes for diverse storage needs; greenhouse complex;
  • Residential buildings from 10,000 MQ to 50,000 MQ in area.

Real estate items from all over the world will be placed on the platform, with the user having a chance to invest in real estate objects that best fits his / her requirements. Moreover, the selection of real estate items to be invested in will be decided based on results of token holders voting.

ICO is an amazing way to draw people’s attention. It’s a perfect financial tool to attract investment for developing this blockchain platform.

If you still have any question, feel free to contact our online support service.

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