BitRent RoadShow — Outcome & Plans

The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.

— Olivia Spencer

Previous several months were amazing and busy. Some people enjoy such way of life, others don’t. At BitRent every team member and expert believes that changes are brought about by proactive and active lifestyle, rather than sitting on the fence.

That’s why throughout this past six months we’ve been visiting numerous events in all corners of the globe to strengthen positions of the main idea behind BitRent construction platform and enhance confidence in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and its broad-spectrum application in various spheres of our professional and daily life.

From September to December we took part in Conference and Hackaton in Kyiv, Green Solution House in Denmark; BIM+VR Meetup Conference in Kyiv; World Blockchain Summit in Dubai; New York Economic Blockchain Forum; Global ICO Roadshow in Seoul, Hong Kong, Saigon, Singapore, Tokyo where BitRent together with other 5 ICOs was presented and promoted across Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

Apart from the mentioned above events, BitRent held a massive Blockchain Summit for blockchain clubs from every corner of China, with more than 500 representatives.

This year was extremely active, but we aim to outachieve it in the upcoming months of 2018.

In January, we will visit Finwise Summit in Macau aimed to encourage interaction among global fintech industry participants and to advocate global fintech developments. The event will feature the latest blockchain technologies, the best fintech enterprises, future financial blockchain applications, trends and progresses.

Besides, we’re to go to Dubai once again and attend Dubai International Blockchain Summit — the largest gathering of Blockchain in Middle East.

The icing on the cake is a meeting with 8 crypto funds in the US by Crypto Law Group — leading US-based legal firm that specializes in the area of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and ICO.

2018 promises to be extremely fruitful and eventful. Why don’t you join BitRent in this outstanding journey and fulfill your dreams with the game-changer in crypto construction industry?

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