BitRent opens doors for new talents

These days BitRent is growing exponentially at high speed by allowing more and more talents to join BitRent’s Family and turn the platform into reality. We have already hired exceptional talents, being fully aware that it takes a great team to bring an amazing idea to life.

Currently our team consists of 20 people, who know what steps have to be taken to make BitRent’s vision known around the globe.

We’re excited to welcome new members of BitRent family:

Real Estate Expert

Dmitriy Shapran

Dmitriy joined BitRent as a CEO and Co-Founder. He possesses 10 years of experience in the following fields: real estate, corporate finances, MBA and asset management.


Alexander Kucheravy

Alexander promotes Active House vision in his architectural practices. He has already delivered two projects in Belarus and Ukraine and took part in designing Active House Guidelines in 2015.


Mikhail Kushka

Mikhail’s curiosity lead him to becoming a promising blockchain developer. Having spent much time on programming, he showed amazing results and finally joined BitRent team.

Denys Krolevetskyi

Denys is a smart contract developer writing with Solidity.

He’s been mastering his JS and Front-end skills for 2 years already.

Enthusiastic about writing apps with Unity.

HR & Marketing

Anna Melnychuk

According to Anna, the key to success in any field of activity is the ability to listen to the needs of people and understand them. She posseses 3 years of experience in Blockchain startups.

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