BitRent Changes building and construction industry

BitRent platform uses the Blockchain technology to eliminate disruption within construction industry and make it completely transparent.


In tune with the times? Absolutely!

BitRent is to be developed using Hyperledger software, since it offers Blockchain’s best development model and provides the platform with necessary architecture. Among other software solutions that will be integrated in the platform are Revit, Oracle Primavera and Graphisoft Bimcloud.

Unbreakable chain of blocks

Transparency in its pure sense!

These days transactions within construction process are completely disconnected and hidden among different systems and databases across many individuals and organizations.

BitRent will solve this issue by creating a digital record book of transactions (blocks) that are linked together in unbreakable and unchangeable chain. It means that no one is able to hack this chain and alter any piece of information on transactions made.

No more need for trusted intermediaries

So I don’t need to pay extra money for intermediary services? Sure, you don’t!

BitRent uses smart contract technology to completely exclude the impact of human factor as well as lower fraud loss, arbitration and enforcement costs during construction process.

Smart contract protocol operates in a simple way — unless all construction works are performed within deadline and meet quality standards required by the contract, payment will not be made.

Therefore, our platform has a multitask-manager function that guarantees a direct P2P contact without utilizing intermediaries.


Tired of never-ending currency fluctuations, which usually lead to price rise of the object under construction?

BitRent platform issues token that have a stably high value.

Moreover, token holders are entitled to equity participation and right to possess property published on the platform.

1 billion tokens will be issued in total, with 100 million to remain within the company.

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