BIM The digitalization in building industry is a paradigm shift of a massive proportion
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BitRent Takes Construction Sector Into Digital Realm Using BIM

Day by day we keep hearing that all leading companies are currently studying how digital technologies can impact and ultimately change the way buildings are designed, constructed and engineered. It seems that it’s all about “going smart”- developing digital technologies to make our roads, buildings and entire cities intelligent and absolutely interconnected.

We’re living in the world where massive Global Urbanization takes place. Every day, millions of people move into cities, and it is supposed that by 2050 more than 75 % of population will accommodate in megacities and we will need to build 3 billion homes. Do we really build in the smartest possible way? Are we really using all the digital tools?

Today virtual construction appears to be normal for most large construction projects thanks to technology advancements. More and more people tend to predict that such digital technologies like building information modeling (BIM) won’t just provide value post-construction, but play an incredible role in the entire lifecycle of a building. Starting in the design stage, BIM will integrate CAD systems, engineering and construction. For instance, all tagged materials will match up to construction plans making it easier to monitor and manage inventory as well as ensure that all materials are delivered at the building site each day.

BIM has gained a reputation of a trusted tool for doing virtual construction and today the list of projects using BIM is huge — the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was an early user of BIM and the new Giants stadium in the Meadowlands, NJ was also built using BIM tools.

At BitRent we always want to be one step ahead, that’s why we keep up with the advancement of modern technologies to ensure smooth, cost-saving, efficient and ‘green’ construction of projects with maximum profit for the investors. BitRent uses BIM solutions to create and collect information about the building under construction at any stage of its existence.This technology allows to reproduce an accurate, in all parameters, model on computers and other devices.

Building Information Modeling

The use of BIM facilitates designing processes at all stages, performs analysis and control of all construction activities. BIM technology takes into consideration all geometrical features of a building and all its structural elements. Such a complete model makes it possible to see all potential outcomes during construction in advance, assess efficiency rate, compare alternative options in order to focus on the best one and make an accurate schedule for all construction stages.

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Moreover, we see BIM as a game changer building tool capable of reducing costs of each construction project by 20% as well as cutting the completion time by 3 months, thus, drastically shortening the pre-construction phase.

BIM brings endless opportunities to the construction sector and we either use it or lose it. Join BitRent platform and focus on building process that reduces energy cost, increases safety and provides new sources of revenue.

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