BitRent - Building.
Investing. Monitoring
BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property.

We connect developers with investors.
BIM + RFID + Blockchain = smart home
International real estate
Smart contracts for reliable deals
BitRent platform enables each person on the Earth to their assets and become an owner of commercial and residential property objects. We simplify the process of buying hotels, businesses and shopping centers making it easy affordable for everyone.
Construction Investments
Attraction of investments at any stage of construction

The possibility to invest small amounts
Globalism and visibility
Investments are protected by records in the decentralized registry

Own a share in real estate anywhere in the world
Digitized construction
Digitized information about real estate objects is stored in Blockchain

Real estate transactions via Smart Contracts
Engineering and construction
BIM - Building Information Modeling

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification for monitoring and control
Our goal is to develop a platform based on blockchain technology and attract construction industry investments.Investment objects stand for building constructed with tags integrated in all constructional elements.
The scheme of various smart contracts work
Integrating RFID tags into all significant elements that are formed into groups,
based on work type, by our software system. This information is displayed
on the BIM model
Data transfer from every RFID tag to the blockchain system
Smart Contracts track signals from tags within timeframe defined
for every type of work. Real-time position of a tag, add to the BIM model, is taken into consideration
Fulfiling a general smart contract for every type of work (which stands for a combinaticr of smart contracts for every single constructional element), completed within a fixed period, which triggers RNTB payment transaction
The main stages of our platform
The main stages of our platform
Building 3d model
Upload to the platform
3d model analysis
Tracking down the location of rfid tags
Choosing relevant smart contracts
Entering into trilateral agreements between an investor, developer and platform
Submitting agreement terms to the chosen smart contracts
Payment schedule for implementation smart-contracts one the wallet to the developer
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